GOAL ----

The Department of Architecture and Graduate School of Architecture aims to provide students with professional training in urban design, environmental planning, architectural design, and interior design. We provide students with professional required and elective courses to cultivate individual specialization according to their interests. Our goal is to foster "the most sought-after talents in the industry" with the ability to learn independently with "knowledge and skills", "aesthetics and creativity", and "attitude and vision".



The CYUT Department of Architecture has, as its primary responsibility, professional education and training for designers of the architectural environment. Architectural design course is the core of the curriculum, which develops students with design skills through a graded series of design projects. Students also absorb practical and theoretical knowledge through lectures courses associated with green building, physical environment design, facility application, construction technology, 3D computer-aided design, history of architecture, design methodology, and professional practice. Moreover, the flexibility of the curriculum allows students to focus on particular professional areas to develop their expertise. The broad range of curriculums also cultivates students' maturity, judgment ability, and creativity.

Students could obtain official course information of the current academic year from the website "Query on curricular information" (https://cts.cyut.edu.tw/CTS0006?lang=en-US). 



Professor Tao-Ming Cheng, Ph.D., Principal of CYUT
Professor Shin-An Chen, E.D., Architect,
Professor Chiung-Yao Chen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Yung-Tang Shen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Jhun-Iuan Kuo,E.D., Architect 
Associate Professor Ching-Shan Chen, Ph.D., Architect
Associate Professor Po-Yeng Kuo, Ph.D
Associate Professor Chyi-Gang Kuo, Ph.D., Chairman of Architecture Department
Assistant Professor Huag-Chih Tung, Ph.D. candidate, Architect
Assistant Professor Jiun-Jie Chen, Architect
Assistant Professor Ya-Wen Kuo, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Ping-Cheng Liu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Chien-Wei Chiu, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor Shih-Jen Feng, Ph.D.

---- Staff ----
Miss Ching-Ju Fan



B.Arch. (NCKU, Taiwan) M.Arch. (NCKU, Taiwan) Ed. D. (CHUE, Taiwan) 
Associate Professor 

Teaching Courses:
Architectural Design, Architectural Programming, Housing and Community Planning, Topics of Architectural 
Programming, Building-Type Analysis, Introduction to Environmental Planning, Topics of Open Building.

Research Fields: 
Building-Type Analysis, Campus Programming, Open Building, Architectural Curricula, Management of Architect 



B.Arch. (TKU, Taiwan) M.Arch. (Kobe U., Japan) Ph.D. (Kobe., Japan) 
Associate Professor
E-mail: chychen@cyut.edu.tw

Teaching Courses:
Building Acoustics, Architectural Design, Theories of Environmental Design, Psychology of Environments, Digital 
Design of Acoustics.

Research Fields: 
Architectural Acoustics, Noise Control, Psychological Acoustics



B.Arch. (FCU, Taiwan) M.Arch. (FCU, Taiwan) Ed. D. (CHUE, Taiwan)
Associate Professor 
E-mail: jikuo@cyut.edu.tw

Teaching Courses:
Building Facility, Topics of Building Facility, Architectural Design, General Physics.

Research Fields: 
Quantitative Research, Statistical Analysis, Architectural education.



B.Arch. (FCU, Taiwan) M.CRP (O(Ohio)SU, U.S.A.) Ph.D. (O(Ohio)SU, U.S.A.) 
Associate Professor and Chairperson 
E-mail: ytshen@cyut.edu.tw

Teaching Courses:
Urban Economics, Building Economics, GIS, Architectural Design, Urban Design.

Research Fields: 
Mathematical Optimization and Environmental planning, Spatial Analysis, GIS.



B.Arch.(NCKU, Taiwan) M.Arch..(NCKU, Taiwan) Ph.D. Candiate (NTUST, Taiwan) 
Associate Professor
E-mail: cschen@cyut.edu.tw

Teaching Courses:
Architectural Design, Building Structure, Building Structure System, Engineering 

Research Fields: 
Earthquake-Resistant Design Spectra, Construction Management.



B.Arch. (NCKU, Taiwan) M.Arch.(TKU, Taiwan) Ph.D. Candidate (NYUST, Taiwan) 
Assistant Professor
E-mail: hctung@cyut.edu.tw

Teaching Courses::
Detail Design of Architecture, Building Construction, Architectural Design . 

Research Fields: 
Architectural Tectonic, Aesthetics of Architecture, Architectural Theory of Postmodernism.



B.Arch.(CCU, Taiwan), M.Arch. and M. Eng.(U. of Michigan (Ann Arbor campus), U.S.A.), Ph.D. (NCKU, Taiwan)
Associate Professor
E-mail: chyigang@cyut.edu.tw

Teaching Courses:
Interior Design, Computer Aided Design, Architectural Multi-Media, 3D Computer Animation .

Research Fields: 
Augmented Reality, Computer Aided Design, Interactive Multimedia Design, Architectural and Interior Design.


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